The most expensive U.S college in every state

University of Notre Dame

College is expensive — and it’s only increasing. Tuition at both public and private schools continues to rise at a fast clip, and Americans collectively owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loan debt.

But not all states are created equal. While Harvey Mudd College, the most expensive school in California, runs $69,717 per year, the University of Wyoming, the most expensive school in its state, costs only $26,535 — even less for local students.

Using data from the College Board‘s Trends in College Pricing and The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s helpful interactive chart, Business Insider rounded up the most expensive college in every state. The ranking uses tuition data from the 2016-17 academic year and looks at each school’s full sticker price — published tuition and required fees, as well as room and board — rather than tuition numbers alone.

All states were ranked according to out-of-state tuition where applicable.

ALABAMA: Spring Hill College

Location: Mobile

Total cost: $48,488

Tuition: $35,798

Room and board: $12,690

ALASKA: University of Alaska at Anchorage

Location: Anchorage

Total cost: $32,612 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $21,744 (out-of-state); $7,074 (in-state)

Room and board: $10,868

ARIZONA: University of Arizona

Location: Tucson

Total cost: $47,317 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $36,017 (out-of-state); $12,817 (in-state)

Room and board: $11,300

ARKANSAS: Hendrix College

Location: Conway

Total cost: $54,020

Tuition: $42,440

Room and board: $11,580

CALIFORNIA: Harvey Mudd College

Location: Claremont

Total cost: $69,717

Tuition: $52,666

Room and board: $17,051

COLORADO: Colorado College

Location: Colorado Springs

Total cost: $62,560

Tuition: $50,892

Room and board: $11,668

CONNECTICUT: Trinity College

Location: Hartford

Total cost: $66,440

Tuition: $52,760

Room and board: $13,680

DELAWARE: University of Delaware

Location: Newark

Total cost: $44,318 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $32,250 (out-of-state); $12,830 (in-state)

Room and board: $12,068

FLORIDA: Rollins College

Location: Winter Park

Total cost: $60,970

Tuition: $46,520

Room and board: $14,450

GEORGIA: Emory University

Location: Atlanta

Total cost: $61,440

Tuition: $47,954

Room and board: $13,486

HAWAII: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Location: Honolulu

Total cost: $46,794 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $33,764 (out-of-state); $11,732 (in-state)

Room and board: $13,030

IDAHO: College of Idaho

Location: Caldwell

Total cost: $36,415

Tuition: $27,425

Room and board: $8,990

ILLINOIS: University of Chicago

Location: Chicago

Total cost: $67,584

Tuition: $52,491

Room and board: $15,093

INDIANA: University of Notre Dame

Location: Notre Dame

Total cost: $64,043

Tuition: $49,685

Room and board: $14,358

IOWA: Grinnell College

Location: Grinnell

Total cost: $60,738

Tuition: $48,758

Room and board: $11,980

KANSAS: University of Kansas

Location: Lawrence

Total cost: $38,675 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $28,239 (out-of-state); $10,436 (in-state)

Room and board: $10,436

KENTUCKY: Bellarmine University

Location: Louisville

Total cost: $50,820

Tuition: $39,350

Room and board: $11,470

LOUISIANA: Tulane University

Location: New Orleans

Total cost: $64,854

Tuition: $51,010

Room and board: $13,844

MAINE: Bates College

Location: Lewiston

Total cost: $64,500

Tuition: $50,310

Room and board: $14,190

MARYLAND: Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore

Total cost: $65,886

Tuition: $50,910

Room and board: $14,976

MASSACHUSETTS: Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Location: Great Barrington

Total cost: $66,445

Tuition: $52,385

Room and board: $14,060

MICHIGAN: University of Michigan

MICHIGAN: University of Michigan
Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Location: Ann Arbor

Total cost: $56,282 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $45,410 (out-of-state); $14,402 (in-state)

Room and board: $10,872

MINNESOTA: Carleton College

Location: Northfield

Total cost: $64,071

Tuition: $50,874

Room and board: $13,197

MISSISSIPPI: Millsaps College

MISSISSIPPI: Millsaps College
Wikimedia Commons

Location: Jackson

Total cost: $51,413

Tuition: $37,110

Room and board: $14,303

MISSOURI: Washington University in St. Louis

Location: St. Louis

Total cost: $65,366

Tuition: $49,770

Room and board: $15,596

MONTANA: Carroll College

Location: Helena

Total cost: $42,776

Tuition: $33,192

Room and board: $9,584

NEBRASKA: Creighton University

Location: Omaha

Total cost: $48,206

Tuition: $37,606

Room and board: $10,600

NEVADA: Sierra Nevada College

Location: Incline Village-Crystal Bay

Total cost: $43,482

Tuition: $31,150

Room and board: $12,332

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Dartmouth College

Location: Hanover

Total cost: $66,579

Tuition: $51,438

Room and board: $15,141

NEW JERSEY: Stevens Institute of Technology

Location: Hoboken

Total cost: $62,338

Tuition: $48,838

Room and board: $13,500

NEW MEXICO: St. John’s College

Location: Santa Fe

Total cost: $62,060

Tuition: $50,898

Room and board: $11,162

NEW YORK: Columbia University

NEW YORK: Columbia University
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Location: New York City

Total cost: $68,405

Tuition: $55,161

Room and board: $13,244

NORTH CAROLINA: Duke University

NORTH CAROLINA: Duke University
Steven Frame / Shutterstock

Location: Durham

Total cost: $65,703

Tuition: $51,265

Room and board: $14,438

NORTH DAKOTA: North Dakota State University

Location: Fargo

Total cost: $27,689 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $19,771 (out-of-state); $8,207 (in-state)

Room and board: $7,918

OHIO: Oberlin College

Location: Oberlin

Total cost: $66,012

Tuition: $52,002

Room and board: $14,010

OKLAHOMA: University of Tulsa

Location: Tulsa

Total cost: $52,140

Tuition: $41,024

Room and board: $11,116

OREGON: Reed College

Location: Portland

Total cost: $65,300

Tuition: $52,150

Room and board: $13,150

PENNSYLVANIA: Haverford College

Location: Haverford

Total cost: $66,490

Tuition: $51,024

Room and board: $15,466

RHODE ISLAND: Brown University

Location: Providence

Total cost: $64,566

Tuition: $51,366

Room and board: $13,200

SOUTH CAROLINA: Furman University

Location: Greenville

Total cost: $59,028

Tuition: $47,164

Room and board: $11,864

SOUTH DAKOTA: Augustana University

Location: Sioux Falls

Total cost: $38,698

Tuition: $30,944

Room and board: $7,754

TENNESSEE: Vanderbilt University

Location: Nashville

Total cost: $61,072

Tuition: $46,110

Room and board: $14,962

TEXAS: Southern Methodist University

Location: Dallas

Total cost: $66,483

Tuition: $50,358

Room and board: $16,125

UTAH: Westminster College

Location: Salt Lake City

Total cost: $41,078

Tuition: $32,104

Room and board: $8,974

VERMONT: Bennington College

Location: North Bennington

Total cost: $65,090

Tuition: $50,570

Room and board: $14,520

VIRGINIA: University of Richmond

Location: Richmond

Total cost: $60,880

Tuition: $49,420

Room and board: $11,460

WASHINGTON: Whitman College

Location: Walla Walla

Total cost: $59,772

Tuition: $47,862

Room and board: $11,910

WEST VIRGINIA: University of Charleston

Location: Charleston

Total cost: $39,000

Tuition: $29,900

Room and board: $9,100

WISCONSIN: Beloit College

Location: Beloit

Total cost: $55,206

Tuition: $47,060

Room and board: $8,146

WYOMING: University of Wyoming

Location: Laramie

Total cost: $26,535 (with out-of-state tuition)

Tuition: $16,215 (out-of-state); $5,055 (in-state)

Room and board: $10,300

WASHINGTON, DC: Georgetown University

WASHINGTON, DC: Georgetown University

Location: Washington, DC

Total cost: $66,119

Tuition: $50,547

Room and board: $15,572

Source: Trends in College Pricing.

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