Participant Profile

Yuenying Lo
加州大學柏克萊分校- 16級機械碩士
UCLite helped me realize some of my ideas can actually come to life, for example, sustainable business card platform turns 2D into 3D, even on a small scale. I would say it gave me hope in the field of science as an engineer and a UC Berkeley student.
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Amos Wang
The UCLite program and TOEFL courses provided even more opportunities for interactions than other classroom courses I have taken. July, 2016
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Walter Chang
Interactions in the UCLite program and the continuous feedback I receiveD on my work have been invaluable. It is intellectually stimulating to be part of this program. Aug, 2016
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Charles Cheng
英國曼撤斯特大學-MSc. Marketing
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Minson Yen
加州大學柏克萊分校- 16級機械碩士/清華大學電機財經雙學士
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Nicky Wu
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Curtis Lai
Data Analyst - CyberLink Corp.
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Leya Huang
Software Engineer - 台灣微軟
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Silk Yu
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Yili Hsu
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David Liu
Senior Designer - EGXtech Inc.
A great opportunity to do a self-analysis, figure out how you want to lead and who you are as a leader, write your thoughts into a leadership philosophy, enhance your leadership toolbox - add so many new strategies and techniques, gain ideas from colleagues, and network with other participants looking to gain leadership skills.
Alex Huang
國立清華大學 - 化工碩士
It's a great class for anyone interested in the mixture of business and engineering teams. It helped honing ideas and concepts that were intuitive to some extent but require refinement and an action plan before implementation. Recommend UCLite undoubtedly.
Michael Chow
Microsoft Project Manager | United States
The insights and skills I gained in the MircoMasters program are useful for my daily work. I believe it helps me to achieve my position now and become a better coordinator and a leader role in Microsoft.
PingHung Tsai
Accountant | EY - United States
A wonderful learning experience. Highly informative classes and a great educator with decades of industry experience. UCLite's MircroMasters program exceeds the expectations that I would say it has become my life-time investment.
Tiffany Yen
Mathematics Instructor | B.S - NTNU
UCLite's MicroMasters gave us a framework to measure the entire business system rather than just look at a particular section. The program has also equipped me with solid technical knowledge which I am sure has benefited to my role in educational industry.