1. Ability to Deliver Results.

Can the candidate demonstrate how he or she delivered results from a position of leadership – whether by organizing, mobilizing or inspiring others. This may have been through his/her intellectual or artistic contributions or in other ways. Is there evidence that the candidate initiated something and carried it through to an outcome? Is the candidate likely to attain a position of influence in his/her field of expertise?

2. Strength of Purpose.

Has the applicant demonstrated courage of conviction, persistence, and determination in the pursuit of his or her goals? Do the candidate’s extra-curricular activities indicate commitment?

3. Creativity.

Is there evidence of creativity and innovation in the candidate’s approach to answering questions or solving problems?

4. Self -Awareness.

Is there evidence of a strong desire to contribute to society? Is the candidate aware of his or her role in particular activities and impact on other people? Can the candidate explain what changed as a result of his or her involvement in something?